About Us

About Us

We started our business in 1954 with tailorship and with the experience we continued with ready-to-wear in 1966.

This journey which started with workmanship, quality of production and passion, continued for years. We started to be known both locally and internationally with fulfilling our customers’ requests and price policy.

Finally we incorporated many brands including Gio Berlino. We present our products to many Middle-East and African countries.

Even the smallest details of fabrics, workmanship and stitches are important for suits that carry aesthetics for a longer period of time than both casual and casual wear.We work lovingly and willingly and because of this,we are delighted to follow the changes and the wishes.

With our work done with passion,we know that we are always one step ahead.

And for the awareness of this passion,we invite you to our stores .


We combine the best Turkish and world brand fabrics with excellent materials and workmanship. Also, we offer you our best quality products with a good price policy.


Our adventure, which started with tailoring in 1954, continues until today.


We offer you professional solutions both before and after the sale of the product.

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